Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Skilled Nursing Care Explained by Covenant Health Group’s Stephen Edward Samuelian

Stephen Edward Samuelian
Most people don’t begin to think about skilled nursing care until it is actually needed. Unfortunately, there may be confusion about what types of services these facilities provide. Here, Stephen Edward Samuelian offers insight on what to look for in a Medicare-licensed skilled nursing facility.

What to expect

Stephen Edward Samuelian points out that skilled nursing care provides, in addition to custodial services, medically necessary care. This care is provided 24 hours a day and is administered by highly trained and certified professionals. Skilled nursing is often sought after a major injury or illness.

Skilled nursing facilities provide postoperative nursing care to help with wound dressing and intravenous medications. As well, Stephen Edward Samuelian notes that a physical therapist will be on-site to work with residents to regain their strength and balance. If needed, a speech therapist will be provided as well as an occupational therapist.

According to Stephen Edward Samuelian, a skilled nursing care facility will provide on-site radiological, laboratory, and pharmaceutical services as well as social and educational activities. Laundry and transportation services should be offered as well. For residents who are not expected to recover, hospice and end-of-life care are available along with respite care for their primary caregivers.

Specialized facilities

Stephen Edward Samuelian explains that some facilities are designed specifically to accommodate the special needs of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patients. These individuals may require closer monitoring and more in-depth one-on-one care.

Assisted living vs. skilled nursing care

Many people believe that an assisted living facility offer the same level of care as a skilled nursing facility. This is not always the case, says Stephen Edward Samuelian. An assisted living facility is designed to assist with basic day-to-day activities as well as offer some light medical care such as the administration of oral medications.

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