Friday, July 3, 2015

More than Cash | Stephen Edward Samuelian Answers Questions About Philanthropy

Stephen Edward Samuelian
Q: What is philanthropy?

Stephen Edward Samuelian: Philanthropy is defined as a large-scale act of voluntary giving that benefits fellow humans. It is more than just dumping money into a charity. True philanthropy is a series of acts and/or financial donations given with altruistic purposes.

Q: Must a person be wealthy to be considered philanthropic?

Stephen Edward Samuelian: No. Many thousands of less-than-affluent people over the years have been considered prolific humanitarians. Mother Teresa is a prime example of this. The Pulitzer Peace Prize winning nun founded a charity that would span 30 countries despite having little to no worldly possessions.

Q: What are some other examples of philanthropic foundations or acts?

Stephen Edward Samuelian: The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, established by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is a support organization aimed at creating health programs across the globe. John Cena, an American wrestler, has filled the wishes of over 400 terminally ill children by taking his time to visit their hospital rooms.

Q: Who were the first people to exhibit humanitarian views?

Stephen Edward Samuelian: The ancient Greeks taught “the love of humanity.” They believed that philanthropia would create an environment of well-educated people that stemmed from the unconditional love of one another. The Greeks also believed in being continually productive as a way to benefit humanity as a whole.

Q: What sparks a philanthropic desire in an individual, in your opinion?

Stephen Edward Samuelian: Many humanists develop a passion for helping their fellow citizens at an early age or after experiencing a personal tragedy. Some dedicate their time helping people learn to read or improve their vocational skills. Others freely give of resources including money, property, or land. There is a widespread consensus among these people that the world would be a better place if we all gave more of ourselves and took a genuine interest in each other.